Regenerative Medicine

The Power of Regenerative Medicine at Pacific Sports & Spine

If you suffer from joint, tendon, ligament, back, neck or pelvic pain, you may be a candidate for regenerative medicine. These evidence-based, non-invasive treatment alternatives use the body’s own healing mechanisms to promote rapid healing and reduce pain.

Regenerative medicine is a scientific and medical discipline that focuses on your body’s natural regenerative process. When you have an injury, your body mobilizes its own storage of stem cells, growth factors, and other substances to repair and heal the damage. This medicine is an exciting scientific and medical discipline that focuses on tapping into the regenerative capacity of the body to restore the functioning of damaged cells, tissues and organs. Plasma, adipose-derived cells and bone marrow are present in all of us, acting like a repair system for the body.

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Unleashing the Body’s Healing Potential: An In-depth Look at Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine functions to amplify your body’s natural repair system to accelerate the healing of your body’s diseased or damaged parts. Pacific Sports & Spine uses this treatment to remedy many orthopedic conditions and injuries. Conditions that may benefit from regenerative medicine include:

How Does it Work?

Adipose-derived tissue (fat) cells, plasma and/or blood platelets are carefully extracted from the body, then quickly processed by a certified technician. Once minimally processed, they are injected back into the body using image guidance, aimed at the specific area that is damaged with the intent of promoting rapid healing.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP): This non-surgical, highly effective treatment uses your body’s own platelets to promote rapid healing. A small sample of your blood is taken then processed by a specially trained technician. It contains a high concentration of platelets. Platelets not only stop cuts from bleeding, but they also activate specialized proteins and growth factors in your blood to heal the wound. Once minimally processed, it is injected back into the body at the pain site. This significantly accelerates the body’s natural healing process. This therapy is popular among professional athletes to speed up recovery time. At Pacific Sports & Spine, the team injects PRP into damaged tissue to accelerate the body’s natural healing process. Many professional athletes use PRP injections to speed up recovery after a sports injury. 

Adipose-Derived Cells (ADC): Lipogems: This state-of-the-art technology harnesses the natural and powerful reparative capability of your own adipose tissue (fat) reserves, which is widely known to have innate healing potential. This quick, outpatient procedure may serve as an alternative to surgery or may be performed in addition to surgical intervention to support your body in the reconstruction and repair of damaged tissue.

Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate (BMAC): Found in the center of your bones, bone marrow is where blood cells are produced. Immature cells have the potential to develop into various types of mature cells, such as muscle, blood vessel or cartilage. This makes them ideal for healing damaged parts of the body. When extracted and reintroduced to the body, this powerful concentrate can restore and heal.

Why Regenerative Medicine?

Research and clinical data show that regenerative medicine procedures are safe and involve minimal risk for adverse reactions or complications, due to the healing material coming from your own body. These treatments are non-surgical and done in an outpatient setting. Side effects are extremely rare. Talk with your doctor about your pain to see if regenerative medicine is right for you. 

What Happens During Regenerative Medicine Treatment?

Pacific Sports & Spine performs regenerative medicine procedures at the office and usually takes no more than two hours. Though the team recommends you take it easy immediately after the procedure, most people resume their usual activities within a day or two.

For a more natural approach to health and healing, call Pacific Sports & Spine or book an appointment online to learn more about regenerative medicine.